Patrick L. Whalen

Patrick L. Whalen now resides in Eastern Ontarioʼs Prince Edward County. After hours of research using both tertiary and primary sources, Patrick creates windows into the past in stunning oil paints. As a painter of history Patrick works to keep the oldest tradition in oil painting alive.

From pre-christian times to the early modern period, history has always been an obsession ever since discovering the “Eye Witness” books as a very young student in the school library. This interest, over time blossomed into a serious study of western history, politics and warfare as well as a general investigative attitude towards figuring out why thing were the way they were.  Patrick furthered these studies at Sheridan College where he refined his artistic skills in the Bachelor of Illustration program as well as interning under local Portrait artist Katherine MacDonald. While at Sheridan Patrick supplemented his art classes with a minor in Early Modern to Modern Period European History, Nationalism and Fascism. Patrick continues his studies into European history not just through his art but through his study of German Longsword, a martial art derived from the teachings of 14th century German fencing instructor Johannes Liechtenauer. Using translated manuscripts, Patrick studies the art with Ironwood Sword School.

Patrickʼs work can be seen around Ontario at various Medieval Festivals, Reenactments and Art Markets and at his soon to be opened home studio and Gallery in Carrying Place Ontario. Also on display will be various history themed portraits and en plein air landscapes from around Prince Edward County

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