Cromwell’s Ironsides

24x16 -Oil On Board

In 1642 England was at war with itself.  The Monarchy and Parliament were at each others throats over division of power in the English government.  The Monarchy  was assuming more power and the parliamentarians were worried about letting so much power reside with one person.  Oliver Cromwell was a key person on the Parliamentarian side who after the defeat of the Royalists at the end of the war, would head a parliament based government.  

Warfare at the time was undergoing drastic changes.  Black powder was taking a more dominant role on the battlefield, used among large blocks of pikemen.  Horsemen would execute hit and run maneuvers, harassing the ranks of pikemen with Carbines and Pistols.  The “Ironsides” were Cromwell’s personal cavalry unit, their name coming from the breastplates warn over heavy arming coats and “pot” helmets.

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